Does Your Bed Pass Our MOT?

Does Your Bed Pass Our MOT?

Can’t remember when you bought your bed? Unsure whether it needs changing? Why not complete the Sleep Council Bed MOT check. Simply answer the questions below and we’ll tell you.

1. Is it seven or eight years old or more? The critical ‘Seven year itch’ can be a make or break moment for many marriages and mattresses.

2. Did you have your best night’s sleep recently with another one?

3. Are you waking up more frequently unrefreshed and aching?

4. Do you disturb your partner or are you disturbed by them when changing sleep positions?

5. Does it look used or worn?

6. Does it feel lumpy?

7. Does it make suspicious noises in the night?

8. Is it sagging – do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally in the middle of the night?

9. Are the base, legs or castors lumpy, worn or wobbly?

10. Would it be embarrassing if neighbours saw it without its covers?

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